The Civil Rights Agenda

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The Civil Rights Agenda Difference

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We provide community-driven project-based education that puts policy into Action through Education and Cooperation. We believe that in order for the movement to secure LGBT civil rights to continue to gain ground throughout the U.S. we must find ways for Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, Transgender and Queer (LGBTQ) organizations to work together to advance common areas of interest. We have shown our leadership in this area by working in coalition throughout the state, including in Springfield.


ACTION - LGBTQ people across Illinois want to know that their voices are being heard. TCRA’s growing community of over 150,000 active LGBTQ and allied voters and volunteers are ready, at a moment’s notice, to contact and encourage policy makers and leaders to take a stand on important LGBTQ issues, to volunteer their time to help grow our projects, and reach more constituents throughout Illinois.

EDUCATION - LGBTQ and Allied individuals in Illinois recognize the importance of having long-term goals, like marriage equality, but they have also express a need for more communication and education about the issues that affect their daily lives in the workplace, in their faith community and in establishing equality and acceptance for their families.  This is why we have created four specific projects to identify and break-down barriers to full equality for all Illinois citizens: The Voter Project, The Workplace Project, The Faith Project and the Families United Project.

COOPERATION - The Illinois LGBTQ community has also expressed distaste for the infighting that has plagued the civic institutions that serve the LGBTQ community for years. The community understands the strong need for cooperation among LGBTQ organizations and the need to engage organizations that share a common goal outside of the specific LGBTQ community.  TCRA and its members approach our work by first recognizing the inherent need for cooperation, and then with the understanding that each organization has a specific mission. TCRA builds strength in numbers by creating coalitions and connections between the groups and communities that have intersections of common interest.


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